Silkscreens, how to use them


  • Write “BACK” on the clear carrier sheet (shiny side).
  • Remove the carrier sheet (do not throw away).
  • Place the stencil on your surface with the adhesive side down (textured side up). Rub down on the stencil and apply pressure to help the stencil stick to your surface.
  • Apply a water-based paint, ink or paste to your surface using a squeegee or brush. Cover all the open mesh areas of your stencil.
  • Carefully remove the stencil.

 CLEAN YOUR STENCIL  Under running cold water, lightly rub the stencil to remove all the paint/ink. Do not rub or scrub the adhesive side of the stencil. Place the stencil with the adhesive side up on a smooth, flat surface and re-apply the carrier sheet (make sure to apply the correct side of the carrier sheet to the stencil; you should be able to read the word “BACK” that you wrote earlier). Always apply the stencil to the carrier sheet while the stencil is still wet. Allow to dry completely before reusing the stencil.
NOTE: Do not use any chemicals (such as cleaning wipes) when washing paint off your stencils, as these chemicals will break down the emulsion and adhesive. Soaking your stencils in water for extended periods of time can break down the stencil.

 STORING YOUR STENCILS The films are photosensitive and should remain in a cool, flat, dry place. Temperatures should not be below freezing or above 85°F.