Decals, how to use them

Waterslide Decal Paper Instructions:

  • Before you begin, it is important to note that clear waterslide decal paper is best applied on light coloured surfaces. 
  • And that decal front paper, where the print is, is ultra delicate and fragile, so don't rub it and treat it gently
  • Cut the image out with scissors. (Or use the entire decal in a slab - if you do so, you'll need to cut with metal cutters afterwards)
  • Soak your decal in a bowl of warm water for 15-60 seconds. If the decal curls up, use your fingers to lay it flat for a few seconds to straighten it. The decal is ready to be transferred when you see the edges peeling from the backing sheet.
  • Remove the paper backing by sliding it off from the white decal with your image printed on it and apply it to your desired surface.
  • IMPORTANT! Smooth out the surface gently with a clean cloth or sponge to remove water and trapped air bubbles.
  • Cure the piece, bake the item with the decal on it with your clay baking instructions. But the decal will work better on temperatures of no more than 250F

 SEAL THE PIECES  After baking, seal your pieces with varnish, modge podge products or resin.