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Friends I'm opening this space to share some learnings, tutorials, tips and tools I've been learning and finding throughout this time using polymer clay for earring making. Hope it's useful and also hoping we can all learn more about this beautiful medium. 

So with this in mind, and because I didn't want to spam everyone following the illustration account 😅 I've recently opened another instagram account! Almar_Clay will be having all related to polymer clay tools, cutters and tutorials, and with the aim to provide supplies for our Canadian maker's community.

It all started when making earrings and trying to find more unique shapes and local suppliers, and then realizing we’d also love to see what other makers were doing and could do with all these new tools. So after many many tries, mistakes, filament 😅, and learnings, we are launching a new set of clay tools for you all. Made all in-house from the sketch to the 3D printed shape, with love and attention to detail ✨

Hoping you can join us on this journey and thankful for your amazing support always ❤️

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